A Truly Outstanding Attorney

I first consulted Scott Hartley in October 2010. My wife and I wanted to review and revise our Wills, and also a Family Trust that we had established many years previously. Also, we needed to do a Durable Power of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directive. It was apparent immediately that Scott Hartley had broad expertise in all these areas. He listened carefully to what we said, and asked critical questions in order to understand our wishes and needs. He did a first rate job in setting up all the documents for us and taking us through them so that we understood what they meant. We have recently needed to meet with Scott again to re-visit the documents drawn up in 2010, and seek his advice regarding some changes that we had in mind. Again, the whole experience has been very positive. He listened, and asked the right questions to make sure he understood what our concerns were. then, he told us in clear language what the options were, and the consequences of each option from a legal standpoint. Scott is thoughtful, and clearly an expert in his profession. I have a great deal of confidence in him, and I am delighted that he is our lawyer.

A Lawyer who cares

Choosing an estate planning lawyer is tricky if you plan to live a long time! After two other lawyers retired, we decided to use one that was younger, and have been very pleased with Scott Hartley in every way. He listens carefully to us and advises us to take the right actions to meet our goals. He is thorough and meticulous, while also taking the time to understand us as people. It has been a pleasure (and a relief) to work with him in making plans for our future and for our children and grandchildren.


Scott was incredibly helpful to me for both business and personal matters. He crafted a comprehensive and helpful partnership document, successfully navigated us through CA legislative hurdles and then was a fair but firm negotiator on a conflict that arose. He also handles our estate and trust, and we feel completely comfortable that it has been optimally designed. He is particularly strong about pointing out both the pros and cons of decisions made, and helping us understand the potential ramifications of what we put in place. I would recommend him unequivocally. He is used by many, many friends of mine and we all feel the same way. Lucky to have him handling our affairs.

Top Notch Attorney

Scott, helped me with the incorporation of my small business and then has continued to help me with contracts and legal advice over the past five years. This was my first sole proprietor business so Scott's experience gave me confidence. His quick turn-around and quick sense of humor make him a pleasure to work with.

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